Left Hander in London




You’ve arrived at Left Hander in London by JJ Marie Gufreda. It’s a book, it’s a play it’s a Cabaret. It’s her life story told in many formats. Please explore her story. It might take you by surprise. It might shock you. People’s reactions to her story might shock you too! Not always in a good way, but there’s usually a heartwarming moment that will restore your faith soon enough.

If you’ve ever wondered what REALLY happens when an ordinary Joe becomes a Jane, you should read the book. Or see if the play is touring near you. You can even watch noted Judy Garland doppelganger Kimberly Roberts in The Get Happy Hour with Judy afterward.

Have you ever really thought about what it would be like to change your life completely? What would people say? How would they treat you? Would it matter? Would you care? What if it was your church? Your family? Your clients? Would you be able to keep your job? What would it take for you to make such a huge change, what kind of internal force? What if you just couldn’t not change?

Beginning at World Pride 2014 in Toronto, JJ Marie is making her World Premiere Tour of Left Hander in London: The Earthquake. She started with a book, a field guide for anyone and everyone, both personal and professional. She continued with business consulting and started making friends in her new world. And now she’s taking on the entertainment industry with her hilariously eye-opening, often sarcastic, view of what it’s like to be a little different than the average heterosexual. The new show is Left-Hander in London – The Cabaret. It is songs, stories and sarcasm. For fun!

Even if you’re not gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, Left Hander in London: The Earthquake is a must see! And the book is a must read afterward. Get ready to laugh, sing, be a little shocked. Maybe even shed a tear – hopefully just from laughing too hard. It’s JJ!




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