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While enjoying diversity can be a serious subject, there’s still fun to be had for all. And JJ and Kimberly Roberts have teamed to provide just that. Kick back and relax with endearing solo performances from each woman. If you can’t make it to a show on their tour or you want a private engagement, the duo can come to you for smaller parties and events.

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A Key Component of Happy Relationships
A Translator’s Perspective

Deciding is related to Ms. Gufreda’s book, Left-Hander in London: A Field Guide to Transgenders, Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals – In the Family, On the Job and In the Pew .  JJ shares her journey of discovery and transition from male to female and how her journey relates to other minorities including Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals.  She shares stories and examples of her interaction and relationships with family, friends and business colleagues and their reactions to her – ranging from unhesitant support and love to total silence.

JJ discusses the LGBT Journey:

•Figure it out. Why am I different?
•Telling – Coming out/transition
•Living the truth or hiding and suppressing

She shares her experiences as a translator having walked many miles in several kinds of moccasins.  Her journey has helped her develop a philosophy of moving beyond tolerance and acceptance to enjoying diversity.

JJ discusses the approaching tipping point for inclusion and support of LGBT people and the difficulties if personal views and beliefs are not in sync with society in general and with public and business organizations.

Her experience as a translator gives her unique experiences to identify with many diverse groups.

Deciding can be delivered as a Powerpoint presentation in person or through a conference call/webcast and can be adjusted to facilitate involvement and discussion.

Diversity Consulting

Increased diversity in organizations is creating interpersonal challenges that some companies are ill-equipped to handle.  Many respected companies have formal diversity initiatives including IBM, Wells Fargo, Merck, Ernst & Young, ING, Kodak, and American Airlines to name just a few.  In order to maintain a productive workforce, keep morale high, and avoid lawsuits arising from lack of understanding, organizations are promoting respect and understanding of a diverse population.

Diversity training is provided with the purpose of problem solving and treating diversity as an opportunity, and promoting the ability of members from a great variety of backgrounds to cooperate productively and to contribute to an organizations goal.  As a certified LGBTBE and member of the NGLCC (National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce), GEI, Inc. offers four services to organizations seeking diversity consulting:

1. Diversity Strategy Development – Through skilled facilitation, GEI, Inc. consultants can help an organization develop a strategy and plan, and initiate changes that can transform the cultural climate of an organization.

2. Diversity Training – Our experienced facilitators can train employees on how to interact with diverse employees, professional and acceptable behavior in the workplace, and create communication strategies for clients and customers.   Our trainers facilitate train-the-trainer, employee training, and customized sessions.  Our consultants know how to break down barriers, using truthful examples that allow for real dialogue to begin.

3. Supply Chain Consulting – GEI, Inc. can help organizations develop and improve suppliers, develop a supplier strategy, and set-up a supplier diversity initiative.

4. Transgender Consulting – If an employee transitions, we can educate organizations on how to cope with the changes and challenges that are presented.  Our consultants can help an organization with the legal, administrative, medical, and social issues that arise as it pertains to the workplace.

If your organization is looking to develop a diversity strategy, train employees, build or improve a diverse supplier strategy, or educate employees on transgender issues, GEI, Inc. has the resources and experience needed to help your business.  Our consultants are professional, knowledgeable, and understand what is needed in today’s business climate.  Let us help your organization make a real change.

JJ is the President of GEI Inc., an Operations and Process Improvement consulting company based in Indianapolis, Indiana.  GEI has been in business for 15+ years and was the first transgender-owned firm certified as a LGBTE (minority business) by the NGLCC.

JJ previously worked in Consulting, Engineering and Manufacturing Management positions and taught in undergraduate and MBA programs.  She has been a Board Member of Indiana Equality Action and is the President of the Indy Rainbow Chamber of Commerce.  JJ has been a contributing author to several business books and publications.

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