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Left-Hander in London – The Earthquake


“Left-Hander in London – The Earthquake” is a one-woman show of song, stories and comedy that tells an inspiring tale of transformation. Hear how hearts and minds in America’s conservative heartland changed through one woman’s journey of personal change.

Join author and playwright JJ Marie Gufreda for a touching and funny performance of the experiences of one woman’s journey to enjoy diversity as she shares stories in her sarcastic and witty style:

  • The Creeping Darkness of Christian Moralism
  • Leaving the Church
  • Losing friends and gaining friends
  • Science lesson on boobs
  • Inside information on gays
  • The Earthquake and other disasters
  • Singing songs
  • Grandkids
  • Rules for life
  • Enjoying Diversity

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry – and hopefully at the appropriate times!

Written by JJ Marie Gufreda © 2013 Performed by JJ Marie Gufreda

Cenzo Ninnananna written by JJ Marie Gufreda © 2010

I Am So Happy I Don’t Have The Blues © 2014

Jesus Loves the Little Children – traditional, adapted by JJ


“Left-Hander in London – The Cabaret” is a one-woman show of songs stories and sarcasm. JJ performs original music and her adaptions of popular music. After 30 years of playing in churches, JJ moves her music to Left-Hander in London shows.

Written by JJ Marie Gufreda © 2014 Performed by JJ Marie Gufreda

It’s Up to Us written by JJ Marie Gufreda © 2015

Witness Song by JJ Marie Gufreda © 2000

My Favorite’s Lullaby by JJ Marie Gufreda © 2009

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